Aiming for a WOW culture

Today’s most innovative and famous companies are not only recognized by business success. They excel through their unique cultures that cultivate human potential and happiness. Yet most leaders, even though many academic studies have provided insight, still struggle to create and sustain a vital company culture.


Delivering Happiness and 2DAYSMOOD have joined forces to help organizations win this challenge. Combining a ‘WOW culture’ roadmap based on best practices and the science of happiness, with cutting-edge feedback technology.


The impact of unhappy employees

As our global human society is rapidly changing, digitalizing and becoming more individualistic, it is inevitable that companies have to deal with these issues. Employees have to live up to higher standards, by themselves as well as their environment. How they feel, think and act, is often not commonly shared within a company.


In many organizations that results in problems within their culture; communication difficulties due to generation gaps, trouble with attracting talent, keeping turnover and absenteeism at a minimum, or dealing with unhappy, low-performing employees. All of these situations end up affecting the company ROI and productivity.


In terms of statistics, eighty-five percent of employees in the world are disengaged from their job. Unproductive workplaces are costing companies an average of $1M a year for every 500 employees. And every “wrong hire” means you’re spending an extra 150-300% of that employee’s salary.


Dr. Marvin Deitz, Customer Happiness expert and Director North America for 2DAYSMOOD, points out another KPI: «Company culture is also extremely important to improve customers’ experience. The interaction between employees and clients is greatly influenced by the values that are carried out in a culture.»



How Delivering Happiness and 2DAYSMOOD improve culture


Delivering Happiness focuses on the journey, that starts by identifying and analyzing the needs, problems and obstacles to develop a company culture of happiness. In this phase the baseline measurement of 2DAYSMOOD is set up, producing a culture blueprint for targeted action. The organization gathers realtime feedback on Employee Moods, 15 validated Employee Happiness Drivers and their Employee Net Promotor Score.


Driven by the data, we continue the journey by creating a strategy and its respective KPI’s to achieve the highest Return on Happiness in your company. Once the plan is set in motion, we keep measuring on the long-term. Enabling you to observe what is going on, evaluate what is working and, if necessary, readjust the proposed changes and strategies.


«We chose 2DAYSMOOD as a partner since their technology adds value to our culture roadmap in more ways than one. The fact that the company is originally based in the Netherlands proves that Employee Happiness is a cross-border mission that unites!» Says Juan Carlos, … or Jenn Lim, ….


Curious what this roadmap entails? See the visual below.



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